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Sunday, July 12, 2009

AIIMS MD Entrance Exam May 2009

1.Digitalis Toxicity seen in a/e:-

a) Hyperkalemia

d) Renal Failure

EXPLANATION: All Hypo like hypomagnesemia,hypokalemia,hypo-renal function(renal insufficiency),hypoxemia,hypothyroidism,hypo-coronary supply(myocardial ischemia or infarction).. increases digitalis toxicity. Only calcium is hyper in the list of digitalis toxicity inducing agents.

2. Diff b/w Ante mortem and Postmortem bruise all except
1) Sharp edge
2) coagulation in Blood vessels
3) raised
4) Color Change
Difference between ante mortem (produced during life) and post mortem (produced after death) bruise

A bruise produced during life shows
1. Swelling
2. Colour changes (If the person survives for sometime)
3. Coagulation (Clotting) of the extravasated blood in the subcutaneous tissues and muscle fibres. These signs are absent if the bruise is produced after death.
3. Formication and delusion of persecution occurs in

Tactile hallucination is common in cocaine psychosis. This may take the form of small ants crawling over the body so called formication. In cocaine psychosis this type of hallucination occurs together with delusion of persecution and is known as cocaine bug.
4. A farm worker presented with abdominal pain with garlic odour and linear line in nails?
a. Lead poisoning
b. Arsenic
c. Mercury
d. Copper
Arsenic Poisoning :
Garlicky odor on breath; Hyperkeratosis, Raindrop Hyperpigmentation, Exfoliative dermatitis, and Mees' lines (transverse white striae of the fingernails); sensory and motor polyneuritis, distal weakness. Radiopaque sign on abdominal x-ray; ECG–QRS broadening, QT prolongation, ST depression, T-wave flattening;
5. Cuts on genitalia?
a) Homicidal
b) Suicidal
c) Accidental
d) Self Inflicted
Incised wounds on ears, nose, genitalia are invariably homicidal in nature. Cuts on genitalia may be result of sexual jealousy, caused by angry paramour, husband or wife
6. Bruise are most prominent with minimum force is seen in :-
a) Scalp
b) Soles
c) Palm
d) Face


sandeep said...

urs explainations 4 aims examination are very simple comparing to what we read in text. and easy to remember.
good work sir

ankit said...

sir urs explanation is very good and helps to remember things for a longer time