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Thursday, June 12, 2008

All India Pre PG Exam January 2008

Corporobasal index is used to determine:
(Ref. Page 7)
A. Race
B. Sex
C. Age
D. Stature

Which of the following is not a death due to suffocation:
(Ref. Page 83)
A. Burking
B. Gagging
C. Throttling
D. Choking

On postmortem examination, contusion of neck muscles is seen along with fracture of Hyoid Bone. The most probable cause of death is:
(Ref. Page 87)
A. Manual Strangulation
B. Drowning
C. Burking
D. Smothering

Expanded Lungs may sink due to:
(Ref. Page 117)

A. Atelectasis
B. Putrefaction
C. Mouth to mouth respiration
D. Alcoholic fixation Meconium aspiration

The reagent used to detect presence of Vaginal Cells on the penis of an accused in a rape case is:
(Ref. Page 144,by exclusion)

A. Lugol’s iodine
B. Phenophthalein test
C. Orthotoluidine test.
D. Benzidine

Vaginal cells can not be seen with the naked eye, but can be detected by a test. These cells turn Brown when exposed to the vapors of Lugol's iodine.

Mechanism of labour in abortion stick is due to:
(Ref. Page 152)

A. Stimulation of uterine contraction
B. Oxytocin present in the stick
C. Prostaglandins present in the stick
D. All of the above

An example of Polychlorinated hydrocarbon is:
(Ref. Page 181)

A. Parathion
B. Malathion
C. Diazinon
D. Endrin

A middle aged man from West Bengal presents with paraesthesia of hands and feet, hyperkeratosis, lines in the nails and rain drop pigmentation in the hands. The most likely causative toxin for the above mentioned symptoms is:
(Ref. Page 183)

A. Lead.
B. Arsenic
C. Thallium.
D. Mercury.

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