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Thursday, June 12, 2008

AIIMS November 2007

AIIMS No. 2007 Forensic Medicine Questions:

1. Telefona:
A. Plucking hairs
B. Beating on both ears
C. Persistent pushing of head into vomit
D. Beating on soles


1.TELEFONO consists of repeated slapping of the sides of the head[over the ears] by open palms of the assailant .this may cause rupture of ear drums.
2..FALANGA (also known as falaka or bastinado)
In this canes/rods are used to beat on the soles of the feet , which is very painful and debilitating. Aseptic necrosis may occur. also hyper pigmentation is seen along lines of injury.

3.SUBMARINO[also known as latina] Victim suffers forced immersion of head in water often contaminated with feces/urine until suffocation.
4.DRY SUBMARINO is tying a plastic bag over the head up to the point of suffocation.
5.SAW HORSE forced straddling of a bar, forcing the victim to sit on a Rod like one sits on horse back, leading to perineal/scrotal hematoma.
6.CATTLE PROD[electric shock] here a magnetic device delivering high voltage may be used in which burns may not be found on skin, but it causes severe pain.
7.BLACK SLAVE here a heated metal spear like object, is inserted into anus .causing rectal/ perinea burns.

2. Primary impact injury most commonly involved is:

A. Head
B. Neck
C. Abdomen
D. Legs

3 type of injury which pedestrians may suffer.
1)Primaryimpact: These are caused when first part of the strikes the vehicle.In the typical case, the vitim is struck by the front of the vehicle and sustains so called bumper injury on legs

2)Secondary impact injuries: These are injuries cause by further impact by the the vehicle
3) Tertiary impact injuries (Secondary injuries) These are injuries caused when the victim striking objects such as the ground)

3.In death due to asphyxia, last to be opened is:
(Ref page no 86)

A. Thorax
B. Abdomen
C. Head
D. Neck

4. In tandem bullet the number of bullets fired are:
(Ref page no.66)
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. None

5. All of the following are included in grievous hurt except:
(Ref page No. 68)

A. Abrasion on face
B. Loss of one kidney
C. Loss of one testis
D. Loss of one eye

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