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Sunday, May 08, 2011

All India Pre PG Exam January 2011

1) Sparrow marks are seen in?

A. Gunshot injuries
B. Stab injury of face
C. Vitriolage
D. Windshield glass injury 


SparroW*-Foot Mark is bizarre laceration seen on face due contact with Shattered W*ind-screen..

2)  Which organ obtained from a cadaver is not used for transplantation?

A. Blood vessel
B. Lung
C. Liver
D. Bladder

Explanation: The major donor organs and tissues are heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, kidneys, eyes, heart valves, skin, bones, bone marrow, connective tissues, middle ear, blood vessels. Therefore one donor can possibly give gift of life to many terminally ill patients who would not survive otherwise.

Source: http://goo.gl/R3DdP

3)A patient presented to the casuality with bluish grey pigmentation of conjunctiva, mucous membranes, nails and tachycardia after ingestion of a poison. What is the poison:

A. Mercury
B. Arsenic
C. Lead
D. Copper 

answer should be Silver(Ag), if there was no silver in choice... then could be copper... plz check d/d for Blue skin discoloration/Skin color: http://en.diagnosispro.com/differential_diagnosis-for/blue-skin-discoloration-color/37742-154.html

4)  A poison which is illuminous, translucent, cylindrical and waxy?

A. Iodine
B. Ammonium bromide
C. Cobra venom
D. Yellow phosphorous

5) Auto-Rikshaw ran over a child’s thigh, there is a mark of the tyre tracks, it is an

A. Contact bruise
B. Patterned bruise
C. Imprint abrasion
D. Ectopic bruise

6)Rave drug is?

A. Cannabis
B. Cocaine
C. Heroin
D. Ecstasy

Ecstasy (MDMA)

Ecstasy - MDMAEcstasy - MDMA

Street names: XTC, X, E, Adam, The hug drug, The love drug
Method of ingestion: Orally
Appearance: Various colors and shapes usually in tablet or capsule form
Effects: Pupil dilation, inattention, increased vitals, hyperactivity, Increased body temperature, sweating profusely or not, bruxism, muscle cramping, trisma, teeth grinding, nausea, hallucinations, blurred vision, paranoia, depression.
Negatives: Hyperthermia (water toxicity) can be fatal and is the leading cause of death. Can kill with first use, rapid tolerance, extreme depression

7)All are true about world health report 2008 except?

A. Social reforms
B. Leadership
C. Polices
D. Economic reforms

8) Signature fracture refers to?

A. Depressed skull fracture
B. Suture displacement fracture
C. Contrecoup injury
D. Fracture at foramen magnum 

Fracture Skull
• Most fragile bone in the skull to get fractured is–temporal.
   1. Linear or fissured fractures:
        • MC type of skull fracture or cracks in the bone, involving entire thickness of bone, or outer or inner table only.
     2. Depressed fracture is also called Signature fracture.
        • Localized depressed fracture is caused by blows from heavy weapon with a small striking surface e.g. stone, stick, axe, hammer, etc.
        • The outer table is driven into the diploe, inner table is fractured irregularly.
     3. Pond or indented fractures: They occur only in skulls, which are elastic, i.e. the skulls of infants.
     4. Gutter fractures: They are formed when part of the thickness of the bone is removed so as to form a gutter e.g. oblique bullet wound.
     5. Comminuted Fracture: Multiple fracture of skull, also called Spider web fracture.

9)  Child brought to casualty with reports of violent shaking by parents. Most likely injury is?

A. Long bone fracture
B. Ruptured spleen
C. Subdural hematoma
D. Skull bone fracture 

Explanation: The term “whiplash shaken-baby syndrome” was coined by Caffey to explain this constellation of infantile subdural and subarachnoid haemorrhages, traction-type metaphyseal fractures, and retinal haemorrhages and was based on evidence that angular (rotational) deceleration is associated with cerebral concussion and subdural haematoma ( being the MOST CHARACTERISTIC FEATURE of violent shaking of an infant by the Parent )

10). Gun powder on clothing can be visualized by?

A. Magnifying lens
B. UV rays
C. Infrared rays
D. Liquid spray/ solution spray 

Infrared spectra that can provide a total chemical picture of the weapon. Gunpowder from different manufacturers and suppliers, for example,may have different chemical formulations

11) A 5 year old child has burns on the surface of his body corresponding to the size of his palm. The percentage of burns is?

A. 1%
B. 5%
C. 10%
D.  9%

The extent of the surface
        • The estimation of the surface area of the body involved is worked out by the ‘rule of nine’ by Wallace*.
        • Rule of Palm: In case of patchy burns, rule of ‘9’ is of less value. Palm of an individual is    1% of the Body Surface Area.
        • Minimum 1/3rd area must be involved to label it grevious*.
        • Involvement of 50% of burn proves fatal, even of first degree.
    Parkland formula is used to calculate the fluid to be given in the first 24 hours.  

12) Dental numbering is done by all except?

A. FDI two digit system
B. Anatomic and diagrammatic charting
C. Palmer notation
D. Universal Numbering system

Tooth numbering system is used by dentists for uniquely identifying and referring to a specific tooth. Over the years, over 20 different teeth numbering systems have been developed. Today, general dentists use one of the following two major dental tooth numbering systems for the numbering of human teeth. 

  • The Universal Numbering System is used primarily by most general dentists in the  United States
  • FDI World Dental Federation notation is widely used by dentists internationally to associate information to a specific tooth.
  • A third system is the Palmer Notation Method that is used by some orthodontists, pedodontists and oral surgeons. 


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